Streets included in the Ravenskowle Chldren's Gala Area

Albany Drive

Albany Road

Alma Drive

Almondbury Bank (left hand side from Wakefield Rd to Forest Rd)

Arlington Way

Bancroft Avenue

Batley Street

Beaumont Avenue

Beaumont Street

Beech Avenue

Belton Street

Birkhouse Lane

Bowness Drive

Brian Avenue

Briarfield Gardens

Briggs Terrace

Broad Lane

Brooklyn Avenue

Brook Street

Buttermere Drive

Canby Grove

Carmine Close

Carr Green Lane

Chapel Lane

Church Lane

Church Street

Coach House Drive

Coniston Avenue

Coniston Mews

Cottage Homes

Cranwood Drive

Crest Avenue

Cross Green Road

Dalton Green Lane

Dalton Grove

Derwernt Drive

Diamond Street

Douglas Avenue

Dyson Street

Earles Avenue

Eastwood Street

Edgeware Road

Elmfield Terrace

Eton Avenue

Felcote Avenue

First Avenue

Fleming Court

Flemighouse Lane (from Wakefield Rd to Waterloo Rise)

Forest Road

Grand Cross Road

Greenhead Avenue

Greenhead Lane

Green Lea Court

Green Lea Road

Green Mount

Greenside Avenue

Greenside Crescent

Greenside Drive

Grosvenor Road

Hallas Grove

Hampshire Street

Handel Terrace

Harwood Close

Henley Croft

Hever Grove

Highroyd Crescent

Highroyd Lane

Higson Court

Hill Top Road

Holme Avenue

Industrial Terrace

Ingfield Avenue

Julian Street

Kelso Grove

Kelvin Avenue

Kingston Avenue

Kirkstone Avenue

Knowle Avenue

Lady Lane

Langdale Drive

Leef Street

Lees Close

Lincoln Court

Lincroft Avenue

Lister Street

Long Grove Avenue

Long Lane (left hand side from Broad La to Briggate)

Long Lane (right hand side from Broad La to Dalton Green La)

Longfield Avenue ( old part)

Marlow Close

Mayfield Avenue

Mayfield Grove

Melrose Close

Mill Avenue

Mitchell Avenue

Mount Pleasant Street

Myers Croft

New Grove Drive

Nursery Lodge Court

Oak Avenue

Oaklands Drive

Osbourne Street

Patterdale Drive

Penistone Road to Mitchell Avenue

Picton Way

Poplar Terrace

Ravens Avenue

Ravensknowle Road

Robsons Drive

Rosedale Avenue

Rothwell Street

Roundwood Avenue

Rowlands Avenue

Rydal Drive

Schofield Lane

School Street

Second Avenue

Senior Street

Staines Croft

Standiforth Lane

Standiforth Place

Standiforth Road

Sunbury Grove


Teddington Avenue

The Avenue

The Grange

Tolson Crescent

Trevelyan Street

Victoria Place

Victoria Street

View Street

Wakefield Rd (left hand side from Green Cross pub to Waterloo Rd)

Wakefield Rd (right hand side from Almondbury Bank to Penistone Rd)

Walton Croft

Waterloo Rise

Waterloo Road

Westbrook Drive

Westfield Court

West Grove Avenue

West Place

White Rose Avenue

Windsor Drive

Winsford Drive

Woburn Drive

Wood Street

Woodedge Avenue

Woodford Drive