Restricted items

Items restricted within the Ravensknowle Gala site

The items listed below form part of the terms and conditions which apply to the Ravensknowle Children’s Gala organised by Ravensknowle Children’s Gala Committee usually held on the last weekend in June within Ravensknowle Park, Wakefield Road, Huddersfield. They apply to all traders, exhibitors, sponsors, fairground operators, entertainers and artistes (subsequently referred to as ‘Exhibitors, etc.’). They should be read in conjunction with both the general and specific Terms and Conditions that apply to your type of stall or attraction.

Exhibitor’s etc. are not allowed to sell, or give away any of the following items.

Alcohol. Additionally, alcohol should not be carried on your person or in your vehicle. Alcohol may not be consumed by Exhibitors etc. anywhere within the Gala site.

Incendiary devices e.g. fireworks


Replica firearms

Boom bags, cap guns or toys which may emit loud bangs.

Silly or crazy string or such substances which may be thrown or sprayed and which may cause staining or damage to clothing or a skin reaction

Tobacco or vaping liquids

Items with offensive slogans

Live animals

Food and drink items may only be sold from stalls booked and paid as catering units.

In addition to the above there may be other items which we may ask you not to sell or give away. To help us to notify you as soon as possible if we wish you to withdraw an item from sale please clearly state the items you will be selling/giving at the time of enquiry or booking.